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30 Oct 2022
14 Nov 2022
24 Nov 2022

About Phantowl Eggs

The local people of Ark have said that if you put these eggs in front of your house at midnight, you will be protected from evil spirits for the rest of the night.

These eggs seems to have ghostly wings with floating bones inside...

About the Phantowl Creature

Legends have said that Phantowls are guardians who protect homes from evil spirits during October by separating its own soul into many fragments of otherworldly wisps and then spreading its soul around the area it protects. Legends have also said that if you encounter a Phantowl around an October night, it means you will be protected from bad luck for the rest of the month. It is the opposite if you encounter it around the midday; you will only have bad luck instead.

These creatures are known for disguising themselves as inanimate objects. If you see something that has a small grey wisp on it, you'll know that that object might be a Phantowl.