Huggster the Cobertor

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18 Dec 2022
2 Jan 2023
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About Cobertor Eggs

It would appear that this egg can be both folded and unfolded without negative reprecussions to the growing creature inside. Strange...

About the Cobertor Creature

The flat blanket-like creatures, if living in groups, always pile on top of each other for extra warmth. And the young are always hugged tightly onto the backs or sides of adults and carried around well into their development, until they weigh enough to maintain stability of movement on their own.

These creatures are perfectly shaped for hugging, in fact, and if cold and weary travelers happen upon one or more of these creatures and are in need of rest, they are known to lead them to their dens and happily wrap themselves around the person (or other creature) to keep them warm while they sleep. Also despite being large creatures, because they are flat-bodied, they must be careful not to get caught in severe winds or get too buried under snow lest they be unable to lift themselves out from under the weight.