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About Frosabit Eggs

Only found a few days before winter bears down on Ark, these eggs are found on top of the ceilings of the Egg Cave, the horns hanging like stalactites. If you somehow manage to get one from up there, you'll immediately be greeted by a very cold, chilling aura seeping from the egg that will freeze your hands if you hold it for too long. If you want to bring it back home, you have to get the help of another creature with a body temperature high enough to warm you up so you can carry the egg safely.

There's also a very peculiar eye-like core in the middle of the egg. Who knows what it does?

About the Frosabit Creature

These mysterious creatures usually only appears during snowstorms, staring from a distance with their glowing eyes and then disappearing to who knows where. There's a lot of myths surrounding Frosabits due to their mysteriousness, from being the bringers of winter to bad omens to straight up malevolent beings. In some villages, there are stories of a noble Regluvid fighting an evil Frosabit king who's the harbinger of death itself. As a result, keeping a Frosabit is considered taboo by the village's rules.

Recently, the Science and Research Center in Ark City has conducted intensive research on Frosabits. As it turns out, there have been sightings of them in the Coldworld which might be where they come from. The research team has also concluded that Frosabits have magical ice powers that come from the glowing horns on its head—this may be how they have the power to fly at low altitudes.