Rieko-Ioane the Strawbearry

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About Strawbearry Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for February 2015.

It's rather self-explanatory as to how this species received its name! A Strawbearry egg is close to hatching once the shell begins to display a stunning, deepened crimson coloration and the chocolate-like substance thickens in viscosity.

Keeping a Strawbearry egg within a home is akin to owning a biological air freshener.

About the Strawbearry Creature

Strawbearries are commonly found living amongst the strawberry patches of Ark's farmlands, where they indulge upon their favorite aforementioned fruit.

Bearing similarities to the Colatay, Strawbearries are also partially coated with a brown substance not unlike that of chocolate. The Science and Research Center in Ark City is currently investigating the properties of this mysterious liquid, although they have been able to confirm that it is indeed not chocolate.