Clamshelly the Bivalventine

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28 Feb 2023
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About Bivalventine Eggs

Generally found nestled comfortably amongst the rocks on the deep seafloor, Bivalventine eggs will occasionally wash ashore on Ark during the month of February.

About the Bivalventine Creature

The Bivalventine is a curious species of mollusk that is often mistaken for the bubbly sea creature almost always accompanying it. Before its discovery as an elaborate illusion conjured up by the clam itself, this pseudo pinniped was thought to be a separate species within a symbiotic relationship. The precise nature of how this complex mechanism works is yet to be understood by the Science and Research Center, but it is seemingly used for both locomotion and as defensive mimicry against shellfish-loving predators.

Created within the folds of the Bivalventine’s mantle, or, the soft tissue within its shell, is an edible byproduct that has a remarkably similar taste and texture to creamy milk chocolate topped with sea salt. Marketed simply as chocolate pearls, these marine-made delectables are sold at a premium price point. Confectioners have long attempted to replicate these chocolate pearls but even the most esteemed chocolatier falls short of perfecting it.