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20 July 2009
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It'd be nice to accept every friend request that comes my way, but I like to keep my Friends List small and sorta personal. I'm sorry! (Also, unless otherwise noted, my creatures are typically not Up For Trade.)

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2 days ago

Liked* (so much for proof reading)

2 days ago

I've always like the space theme haha

1 week ago

love the Rhoull

4 weeks ago

Love you mang. Lets catch up soon!

3 months ago

Is it possible the name Quetzalcoatl would be uft?

4 months ago

Where did all your Mirkangs go?

4 months ago

Hey there I just wanted to say thank you for helping to create the Lyralopex critter! You did an absolutely amazing job, thank you!!!

4 months ago

What would you like for Earthuno?

4 months ago

Hello, I happen to see that you have been on egg cave for quite a while, I would like to know some tips!

5 months ago

i was thinking about changing my name to coleslaw and the name is up for grabs. i thought the creature name would be cool too but...

6 months ago

What would you like for your Eartha? Happy Ark Victory Day, I've never been so excited

7 months ago

nice cove

7 months ago

8 months ago

Serpede UFT by chance? Sorry to bother if not! Thank you

8 months ago

Your out of this world with pets I say that cuse i'm new and that's the most i'v seen so far!

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