Treeuff the Trefulp

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About Trefulp Eggs

Finding a Trefulp egg in a clover patch is considered to be as lucky as finding a four leaf clover. Whether or not finding one of these eggs actually makes someone lucky is a matter of heated debate.

About the Trefulp Creature

Trefulps are playful creatures that being to show up as winter turns into spring. As the plants begin to sprout and the trees turn green, more and more Trefulps can be seen frolicking in fields of clover. However once spring turns to summer sightings of Trefulps drops and spotting one becomes a rare occurrence. There has been some debate over where Trefulps go once spring is over, the theories are endless. The SACR has spent some time researching the phenomenon and still no solid answer can be found. They did make some verified sightings of Trefulps in Fairyworld and at least one in the Fiery Shadows. The leading theory put out by the SARC is that Trefulps cross over into other dimensions, mainly Fairyworld, at the end of spring.