Dypsy the Plesiloch

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About Plesiloch Eggs

Plesiloch eggs are a cheerful sight indeed! With their fins poking outside of the shell, the eggs can be seen swimming through the gentle currents of the shallow waters of Ark's oceans. This is especially helpful when avoiding predators that seek to eat Plesiloch eggs, giving them a chance to get away. But when not being chased by a predator, Plesiloch eggs swim and bob through the waters, bumping into friendly Arkians who splash nearby.

About the Plesiloch Creature

Plesilochs are incredibly friendly and mischevious by nature. The hatchlings finding great fun in leaping out of the water and surprising unwary swimmers. While young, Plesilochs enjoy a hefty diet of ocean vegetation, but once they reach adult stage, they develop quite a taste for Vanmands.

However, it is very rare to see an adult Plesiloch, as once they reach their adult state, they become very secretive and shy. Some say it's because many people use their fins for soups, others say it's because they know trophy hunters would love to get their hands on them. No one knows quite for certain why these gentle giants go from jubilant little ocean pals, to shy and mysterious myths of the oceans. But if you manage to befriend one, consider yourself lucky indeed!