Floralope the Floralope

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About Floralope Eggs

Floralope eggs are surrounded by sweet-smelling flowers that grow out of horn that is left with the egg. This horn is one of the Floralope's parent's shed antlers which once fallen starts to grow flowers. The parents place the antler with the egg to help disguise the egg's scent from predators.

The fur on a Floralope egg is so soft that many describe petting one is like stroking velvet or air. This "egg pelt" is actually amazingly easy to remove from the egg and doesn't hurt the creature inside in any way; the Floralope that hatches will still have its fur. However, the act of de-furring a Floralope egg will leave the egg very prone to danger. While an egg that has fur can absorb a hit form a rock, an egg without its fur coat would break the moment the rock hits. Because of this, the SAR Center allows only domestic Floralope eggs to be de-furred if they have a suitable hatching environment.

About the Floralope Creature

Floralopes are fun-loving, light-spirited creatures who love everything spring! While their fur looks fluffy, it hardly weighs more than a feather and allows great air flow. The flowers on a Floralope's head actually grow from the creature's antlers, which provide plant life with great nutrition. These flowers spread over a Floralope's body by growing vines, leading many to call the cluster of flowers "Flower Veils." When a Floralope sheds its horns to grow new ones, the flowers fall off, and the antler that has fallen creates a new flower patch. Many gardeners in Ark City buy and collect fallen Floralope antlers to place in their gardens to help grow plant life.