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💙 A collaborative effort between my friends @opalquinze (their baby is BEMANI) and @froot 💙

🧼 Opal created the original idea and concept art, lines and colors.
Me and froot worked on a description while I created
the creature's name and helped with the poses
and lineart details for the second
and third stages! 🧼

🔤 We thank everyone for the support and thank you Opal and froot for working on this! 🔤

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About Gachamori Eggs

This plasticky capsule is quite colorful compared to the ones residing within the machine; its many colors might catch a passerby's glimpse to wonder if that one's special.

Oh, what's this? Seems like this isn't just any regular capsule, it's already rolling around from the warmth of your hands!

Congrats! Your prize is: a Gachamori!

About the Gachamori Creature

What's with this noise coming from the machine, you ask? Why, it's a Gachamori that's about to hatch soon! These little lizards move around in their eggs endlessly towards the exit, waiting for their soon-to-be owner beyond the metallic flap. How do these eggs end up within said machine? This certain aspect hasn't been observed fully from the Science and Research Center in Ark City, but it's speculated that the artificially bright environment of Arkian arcades attract these eggs to camouflage within the capsule piles whenever a machine is running low in stock. If they're unable to access one available, passersby will see either a few nudged between arcade cabinets or rolling towards a safer spot (the latter half may or may not have caused accidental slipping to citizens walking in their path).

The seam wrapped on the egg is to secure its plasticky halves from popping off as the surfaces it crosses may be rough! No worries if you think the little critter is unable to break out when hatching time comes, the seam is easy to tear apart by hand or with a nearby object to scratch against. Once it hatches, it'll imprint onto the first Arkian it sees as its new owner! That's not all! The Gachamori comes with a little slip of paper containing its new nickname, as it knows it by heart after spending such a long time within its egg. Please note: don't roughly handle it when it's freshly hatched, it needs time to chew the seam and capsule as they're converted into nutrients for its tail beads.

Now settling within your palms after all that eating, what can a Gachamori do? Well, ever notice how there's a strap on its back? That's for them to dangle off the loop of your phone or the zipper of a backpack—it's their version of hitchhiking and they'll even rattle their tails to other Arkian creatures (plus their own) to show off their shiny beads that they've collected! They can also retrieve a toy of your liking within the machine—with a price of course. The price? A shiny bead. It may not seem like much, but Gachamori see these as prized possessions and may even decorate themselves more with them! Is the tail off limits? Of course not! Just be careful when you're playing with your Gachamori's tail, the beads can pop off easily!