Baptisia the Flowerfur

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21 Jul 2023
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Quest Creature

About Flowerfur Eggs

This egg was only given out for the Creature Release Week in April 2010.

DNA from flowers and weasels are found in Flowerfur eggs. Remarkably, the egg form looks deceptively like a racoon's fur.

About the Flowerfur Creature

The Flowerfurs are among the kindest creatures in Ark. But in addition to their kindness, they are also extremely wise and discerning. Flowerfurs always know when they are in danger and do not listen to outside advice when they are; they seek safety as soon as possible. Flowerfurs are also known to be "lie detectors" themselves; they know when a human is lying.

Overall, Flowerfurs make good pets. They like relaxing and cuddling on soft surfaces, especially in the cold season.

Roughly 1.2% of Ark residents are, unfortunately, deathly allergic to Flowerfur flowers though.