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About Woiper Eggs

Woiper eggs can be found in the alpine forests of Ark.

About the Woiper Creature

Woipers have the body comprising various animal parts—generally wings, antlers, a tail, and fangs all attached to the body of the small mammal. They are the result of a romantic relationship between a hare and a roebuck (and to this day, the Science and Research Center in Ark City doesn't know how this worked).

It is said that this union inspired all sorts of other woodland creatures to follow suit... foxes and ducks, pine martens and pheasants... and soon these unlikely creatures produced waves of mutant offspring, with no two creatures ever alike.

A product of its tranquil surroundings, Woipers are said to be shy and frugal that feasts only on root vegetables and herbs found in the forest. They'll also hop quickly towards an unsuspecting insect and eat it.

If a Woiper feels threatened, they will spray a foul-smelling liquid—like a skunk—towards their attacker. This smell cannot be remedied by either soap or perfume; it often takes years to dissipate naturally.