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8 Oct 2023
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About Vampiria Eggs

At first glance, this egg looks like a beautiful rose. It is, in fact, definitely not a rose but something far more sinister...

About the Vampiria Creature

Vampiria snakes start out as adorable as any, with no apparent feature off about them. People might adopt them or pet wild and befriend wild ones, not knowing that they become dangerous later on. Maybe when they get their first taste of blood, that's when they transform... or they just naturally transform into vampirism at a certain point of age.

Either way, once so, their two eyes split into four, and a rose flower hood grows, as well as thorns over their bodies. Vampiria thorns act as extra fangs that draw blood but they have actual fangs as well. Because these snakes look like flowers, they hide in bushes or lay around brush acting like a real rose in order to entice people to "pick them" (or get the jump on other creatures, if they don't feed on humans). Revealing that they are rather, in fact, a snake that will drink your blood.

When they're full-grown, their rose hoods emit a soft magical glow from the center that help to further intrigue and lure their prey.