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The best source to learn more about me is my website.
Otherwise though here's the basics!

Pronouns: He/They/It

Age-Range: 20+

Birthday: March 27th

Timezone: PST/PDT

The name's Calaban, you can also call me Sleepy, or C4. I'm a hobbyist who enjoys videogames and photography for the most part and coding to a degree. I've been gaming basically my whole life and doing photography for a majority of my life. Other than that I'm a mental health advocate and believe everyone deserves good health and a happy life, I want what's best for people.

If you made it this far you're welcome to add me! (If you play Xanje you can add me there as well! It's the same username as on here.) I am not toooo social at least with dms due to social anxiety but I'll feed your grove whenever I'm on/available, if your grove is feed friendly. 😊

About Larvametus Eggs

Beware, beware! Do not enter those dark woods. What awaits can never be forgotten... or outrun.

About the Larvametus Creature

Let me tell you a story, little one, before you fill your bag while trick or treating.

Once upon a time, a very friendly canine was spotted in the woods by a young fellow and was assumed to be someone's pet. But the closer they got the more they realized that it was no normal creature seen in Ark before. No, this creature's fur seemed too loose for its body, especially around its head, almost seeming like the creature put on a costume to celebrate the eventful Halloween night. A dark, hidden face beneath its "cloak," hiding the dread beneath.

The fellow quickly realized this beast was not natural at all, as the head peeled back to reveal a second one. Its face, devoid of any skin, baring its fangs to the roots, only consisted of muscles. Some strings of these muscles attached to its cloak of fur, keeping it close to its head for easy equipping. It has a tail to match, lacking any flesh and showing the curvature of its tail bones, its muscles gripping this line of bone. On command this creature could unmask itself, its muscles tensing and springing the cloak up to look far more menacing, the sight being far too much for the fellow to bear.

Its white pupil on its displaced head stared daggers into this persons' eyes, as it rose up onto its two feet, looming over them. Muscles on its snout began to crinkle and a horrible bellow could be heard rumbling inside its throat and escaping through a gaping, twitching maw. Within seconds this beast got back down onto its four legs and screamed at the person that had discovered its dreadful secret. The scream was hauntingly similar to that of a human's, theorized to be a way to lure people into its lair. Its scream matched the fellow's own scream when the shock had passed, syncing up the shrieks.

The beast resides near the Maze, as the legend says, so that its screams and its victims only sound like frightened Arkians being scared in the maze by actors... but it is no acting at all.

Stay away from the dark woods, kid, I am warning you...

The person mumbles under their breath, but it is hard to make out... I'll never forget those teeth...