Korogu the Patatta

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About Patatta Eggs

Patatta eggs are nestled in tree trunks and often look like leaves themselves. If you look closer, though, it's actually a small creature growing.

About the Patatta Creature

Filled with love and playfulness, Patattas hang out in the trees of the forests of Ark and are the most active during the fall months. They're often difficult to spot among the leaves, but are easily identified by their joyous, cartoonish laughter. Delicious like a sweet potato, Patattas are partially edible in very small amounts. You cannot eat too much of a single Patatta as it will harm it. So, only little nibbles and then let them regrow!

Friends of Gobblers, Patattas also move in awkward and very funny ways. Although, they aren't as worried about becoming Thanksgiving dinner like Gobblers are...