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About Myrthalic Eggs

For wizards who are unable to find an apprentice, summoning a Myrthalic egg from Fairy World is always an option. It is by no means easy, but it is an option for a wizard who really wants an apprentice.

About the Myrthalic Creature

All the fairies of Fairy World have some degree of magic in them, but none have quite as much as the Myrthalics. For a Myrthalic magic comes as easily as breathing. However this does not mean that they innately know how to use that magic. Myrthalics still need to study in order to actually use their magic safely. Most Myrthalics will only study long enough to no longer be a danger to themself and others. Others become well known enchanters and arcane practitioners. A very small number who have continued their studies into the highest levels of magical use and theory have become the archmages of legends. Wizards powerful enough to bend the very fabric of reality to their will. Tales of these legendary Myrthalics are even known in Ark and beyond.