Escococo the Esoclyn

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28 Mar 2024
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About Esoclyn Eggs

Much like Sylvern eggs, Esoclyn eggs are found in clouds. But not just any clouds, only clouds capable of producing thunderstorms are the ones that spawn Esoclyn eggs. Supercells in particular are almost guaranteed to contain Esoclyn eggs.

About the Esoclyn Creature

If you look outside during a thunderstorm you can catch a glimpse of Esoclyns as they dart amongst the roiling clouds. It isn't until the storm has begun to pass that you can see an Esoclyn in their full glory. While the rain is still falling and the sun has begun to shine adult Esoclyns can be seen flying around the resulting rainbows. From what the SAR Center has learned Esoclyns collect and consume the specific energy and magic generated by rainbows. It is unclear if anything else is done with the collected energy and magic but there are a handful of unverified accounts of Esoclyns creating their own rainbows in the middle of thunderstorms. The SAR Center is currently collecting data on this phenomenon.