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6 Apr 2024
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About Feep Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for April 2014.

Along with the shell being generously coated in a substance not quite unlike that of refined sugar, Feep eggs have a spongy consistency like that of marshmallows.

Unfertilized eggs produced by farm-raised Feeps are an immensely popular food item during the springtime months.

About the Feep Creature

A very unique species of bird, Feeps are recognizable for their gelatinous and pastel-colored appearance. Incapable of flight, this species will make their nest in burrows abandoned by other creatures. Feeps are frugivores (fruit eaters) and prefer consuming fruits that are richer in sugar content such as berries.

Feeps have an incredibly sweet and docile disposition. Unfortunately, the gentle behavior of Feeps (combined with their inability to properly defend themselves or even escape quickly enough) make them a remarkably easy target for wild predators. The Feep's resemblance in both looks and taste to that of a confectionery is also unhelpful.

Acting in the manner of a biological factory, Feeps on average can churn out five eggs per clutch. An individual Feep can lay at least two dozen egg clutches throughout its lifetime. The extremely successful reproduction rate of Feeps is one of the few explanations that the scientific community can provide for why this species is not yet extinct.