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About Skreel Eggs

Skreel eggs are laid within muddy water near the Egg Cave. The outside of these eggs are coated with a thin, slimy layer that reeks of a foul odor. Those who attempt to firmly grasp one of these eggs will quickly find it to be a futile endeavor.

About the Skreel Creature

Skreel thrive in conditions that are considered otherwise uninhabitable to most creatures in Ark, such as sewers or polluted bodies of water.

Classified as an invasive species by the Science and Research Center, their overwhelming success is largely attributed to their slender, yet powerful forelimbs that allow Skreels to actually leave one water body and crawl on dry land in search for another. Skreel also utilize their forelimbs to act as wings by thrusting themselves upwards out of the water and gliding for short distances at a time. The very nature of these creatures has led the Town Hall to impose extremely strict laws regarding the ownership of one.