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About Tiver Eggs

This egg is often found at the source of the Ark River, where the water is at its purest. It consists of many layers, with the outermost being extremely rough and as hard as diamond to deter would-be predators. The constant flow of the river slowly wears away the outer layer until only the fragile inner layers remain. Instinctively, the growing Tiver knows when the river has reached its egg's final layer. At this point, it bursts forth and begins crying for its mother using a unique series of meows, purrs, and chirps. This delicate process of erosion can easily take months or even years. It is not recommended to handle the egg or remove it from the river during this period as the oils from human hands can seep through an older egg and potentially poison the growing Tiver embryo. If one still wishes to remove the egg and simulate the environment of the Ark River at home, extreme caution is needed as trace minerals in the water can, just like the oils on human hands, fatally harm the creature inside.

About the Tiver Creature

The mother Tiver cares for its young for up to three years. Mother Tivers are extremely protective of their young and will defend them with the force of a raging river. Any creature who has been on the receiving end of a mother Tiver's wrath and have escaped are never eager to repeat the experience. Once fully grown, a Tiver seeks out its own corner of the Ark River to tend. They get along with just about every creature in their respective territory and have never been witnessed to harm a single creature living around them unless severely provoked. Certain sections of the Ark River flourish thanks to their work. It is unknown what Tivers feed off of, but several scientists have suggested that they receive their energy simply from being in the river. Their claims have been backed up by a recently discovered ancient tablet that reads, "Tivers are 'The Guardians of the Great River' and draw their power from the river's magic."