Stuffing the Gobbler

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25 Nov 2010
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omg (23/03/2019)
thank you so much @crooton1 for this p h a t lil turkey

she's never leaving

p.s. born release date

From @Crescentfeather

Here you go, crooton1 The Gobbler you've been searching for! If you ever quit, please return her to Crescentfeather
Got her in a trade with _piano_pokemon_
Fully evolved on 12-02-11 (700th click by ???)
NFT, she was a bye-bye gift from Isis TT^TT
Iris! I roasted Cruz for my tines and doovoo Cruz tasted delicious! XD
She is filled with Stuffing. YUM!!!

Awwz NOO! You're so mean!!!! >:[

About Gobbler Eggs

This egg is only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park.

About the Gobbler Creature

Gobblers, like many other species of turkeys, do not like contact with humans for fear of being slain and eaten. Gobblers, however, do provide a rather comical experience in evading human presence. They make a "gobble" sound incessantly until they know that they are safe. But while moving, they always move their necks in awkward ways that can make any person laugh.