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21 Jan 2011
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About Pixgog Eggs

This egg is only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park.

Ark citizens claim that Pixgog eggs are agents of luck. These citizens claim that if the four purple rings on the egg are touched in the correct order, the toucher will become very lucky for several hours. A person might know that they touched the rings in the correct order because the egg might respond by becoming very warm or shake a bit. Your touch must be delicate, however, because Pixgog eggs can break easily.

About the Pixgog Creature

Similar to the superstition around Pixgog eggs, it is rumored that Pixgog dust can make a person very lucky too. For this reason, Ark citizens consider it a great joy when they see a Pixgog flying, for they know the Pixgog is "showering down luck" on Ark, whether it be people or the land itself.

Pixgog aren't among the luckiest creatures themselves. They are known to frequently run into buildings or not detect small elevation changes, which cause them to crash a lot. Pixgog, for this reason, die out a lot quicker than they are hatched. And because of the luck superstition, Ark citizens often pamper their Pixgog with no end.