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25 Jan 2011
13 Jul 2018
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About Spritemice Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2011.

Spritemice eggs can get pretty complicated really quickly. When the egg is within weeks of hatching, it will begin to sprout tree limbs that grow at rapid paces. The longest Spritemice egg limb on record is 61 feet; typically they grow to about 30 ft with multiple limbs per egg. Make sure that your Spritemice eggs are not kept in small spaces... the limbs will continue to grow and put destructive pressure on objects around it.

About the Spritemice Creature

Spritemice are small jungle creatures that blend in with grass, trees, and jungle brush really nicely. Their homes are underground. Spritemice also dig interconnected tunnels that connect major Spritemice hubs and safe havens. They are known to steal plant bulbs, however, so Spritemice-B-Gone is a necessary spray solution for your outdoor landscaping. If Spritemice detect danger they do attack and oftentimes have the element of surprise because they blend in so well with nature. This is why known Spritemice hubs are marked with warning signs in the jungle; no causalities have occurred thus far.