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15 Feb 2011
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☁️ about me ☁️

hey there! my name is morgan!

i've been around egg cave since early 2010 (apologies to anyone who knew me back then lol) but i have taken a lot of hiatuses over the years. since december 2019 i have been fairly active and i try to check in at least once a day! sadly i don't have much time for or interest in egg cave lately, so i only log in once in a while, but feel free to PM me or write on my wall and i will get back to you as soon as i see it! ♡

in my professional life i am a graphic designer, although i enjoy creating things in general and i sometimes draw and do video editing as a hobby! my biggest interest is video games, specifically MMORPGs. i'm currently mostly playing maplestory, but in the past i have put countless hours into tera, ffxiv, and lost ark. i also play a lot of fortnite! i'm also interested in fitness and tattoos, and i've had a lifetime on-and-off interest in collecting things like virtual pets (think tamagotchis), dolls, and figures contingent on my varying levels of interest at the time 😋

sometimes on a whim i feel creative enough to submit a creature suggestion. the creatures i created are:

feel free to write on my wall or send me a PM for any reason ♡

last updated july 3rd, 2023

About Luvlei Eggs

This egg is only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park.

About the Luvlei Creature

Luvlei are a very rare type of creature, with a very rare type of personality. They are fully committed to their masters and are willing to lay down their lives for their masters, if their safety were ever compromised. Luvlei stories are often shared in Ark, as there have been many great Luvlei's in history's past.