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Goddess the Nym


Goddess's happiness is 98 out of 100.

Stolen: 1 Aug 2011
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Stage: 2nd - Frozen
Travel: Heavenly Light
Ya know what, I'm tired of all the rude people on here. It's a game that is supposed to be fun. This is not fun when I get called greedy or the person says oh I think you have a case of the: I'm the only special one here so you don't deserve to know what I know or have what I have crap. That's rude, ya could just be like the ones that just say ok and move on but no you decide to add a snide mean comment. I don't think myself special but I do believe if I had to work hard and find things myself then others should work just as hard and not expect hand outs and things to come so easy for them and not have to lift a finger.

This game is supposed to be my escape from my real life. I have too much going on to deal with people like this on here. I try to be as nice or neutral as I can but if ya start saying crap like that I'm gonna sound mad and crap, I won't say anything rude like what you call me but I will say you are being rude if you are and to not contact me again if you will continue to be so. Sometimes I can sound rude when I am truly not trying to be but that happens all the time online since you can't hear the tone of their voice. I have a whole slum of things wrong with me. Yes I understand there are people out there worse but this was supposed to be a good for me. I am bipolar and have depression depression and not on meds for either and counseling doesn't help. My dad is a terrible money hungry fool that goes back on his word. Spending so much on renovations for his fiance he can't stick to what he promised me. And he moved his fiance in when he said he'd never get married again. This is the chick he cheated on my mom with so I HATE her more. Then she has some bratty little kids that I have to watch and the chubby one is a little mommy's girl and seems to expect anything she wants for the most part. Then my mom is pretty much broke and owes a lot of money. She's renting a tiny house and living with my nana with a horrible landlady.

If I knew back when I joined that this site would become like this I wouldn't have stayed but I have worked too hard and has also spent money here so feel like I can't. When I joined there were more good than rude now more rude people are joining or people are just showing their true colors or changing. Some I thought were actually nice back then but now wow has that changed.

Some stuff that happened (not all):
I get called greedy for not trading a Luciales for like 1o,oooEC when the maker of them has a topic and was offering more which I told the person and they said I was greedy and that was too high though others were also buying/selling em for that -.- First person ever blocked.

Then there were people who were rude to my cousin and brother also. (They quit/quitting)
One kept asking for her Flaren that I gave which said NFT on her profile and the Flaren's. After the 3rd time of this person asking and my cousin saying no, my cousin said like please stop asking for her NFT critters and that some people would block if people kept asking but that she wouldn't cause not a huge deal but wanted to warn the person that some do block if people ask for NFTs and that she wouldn't ever trade the Flaren cause it was a gift. Then person blocks her and makes a lot saying that no one had the right to tell her what to do referring to my cousin. I thought this person was my friend. I forgave her and she apologized but then they go and do something to me also and then talks about me to others and naming a Dragold GreedySoul and saying how I take values too far and such and how she doesn't care about values. The talking about me and the GreedySoul is what got me to block her the other thing wasn't huge but hurt. Most the things she got were gifts or gotten super cheap which some that she got cheap I paid way more than her for so I didn't wanna hear that about me being too much about those since I worked hard for mine and I base my values on the average of what I see traded and get offered in trades. They don't have the Dragold anymore so if ya look the person who has it is /not/ them.

Then I get called greedy and other when I don't share what sites I use to immortalize. No one helped me find them. I had to search for it myself and as I said to them that if they look they will find it but it seems everyone on this site wants to be hand fed.. I hate searching up things but I did because I wanted to immortalize faster. So if you want to know don't bother asking me since I don't even tell my friends what I use just to be fair to the others I don't tell that have asked. Oh and a little note. I NEVER called anyone greedy or anything else rude just because they didn't share an immortalizing site with me cause no one has to and shouldn't be bullied if they say no.

Don't worry didn't tell anyone who ya'll were if you're stalking me and read this.

About Nym Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for August 2011.

About the Nym Creature

The Nym, also known as the "Moonlight Wolf", is said to be completely invisible during sunlight hours but visibly bioluminescent during moonlight hours. Their white-purple glow is both hypnotizing and captivating, which is why Nyms are rare and coveted. It is superstitiously believed that Nyms control ocean tides and unleash coastal disasters as an expression of their mood and magical connection with the moon.