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Goddess the Nym


Goddess's happiness is 74 out of 100.

Stolen: 1 Aug 2011
1,534,771 +390
Name: Goddess
Stage: 2nd - Frozen
Travel: Heavenly Light
Cave Monthlies I am Missing

Aal - Egg.
Amarra - 2nd.
Aska - 2nd. [Prefer to swap my last stage for an unfrozen or last + 2ooCC for a frozen]
Baku - Egg and 1st.
Curcull - Egg**, 1st*, and 2nd.
Grandinum - 1st and 2nd.
Harpis - Egg* and 2nd.
Ignalt - Egg.
Irel - Egg.
Jacko - 2nd.
Lagcaous - Egg* and 2nd.
Luminese - 1st.
Meganox - 2nd.
Nuomek - Egg*.
Pami - Egg.
Pogknot - 2nd.
Quinnit - Egg.
Sweesh - Egg.
Vaccin - Egg*.
Vulpselle - Egg. [Prefer to swap my last stage for an unfrozen or last + 2ooCC for a frozen]
Wahla - 2nd. [Prefer to swap my last stage for an unfrozen or last + 2ooCC for a frozen]
Zubflug - 2nd.

I do not value em as much as the value guide. I have always seen em go less than what the guide has em listed em for and very very few go for the amount the guide has. Some on the guide I haven't seen go that high at all. I still see and have gotten them less also. A lot of people before the guide sold em less and then right after the guide came out then they started wanting more even though like a week before they wanted a lot less. I feel people are taking advantage of this and such. I know a lot that are selling these would also never even trade this much for one ever so yeah messed up.
I do agree with quite a few on the guide that are CCs and such but a lot of the cave monthlies/seasonals I do not. So please do not bother asking to trade if you want like 1oo+ CC value for them.
It has been quite frustrating with people asking freaking 2ooCC for a cave monthly. Then offering on my cave monthlies [that the guide has at 2ooCC too by the way] for way less. Yes I sell em less than the guide because I do not agree with most the cave monthly values. But if you're seeking more than I am for one and if I trade you I would assume you'd just in turn try and get more and some poor soul who doesn't know if they wait they'll find one less will get stuck paying that. So no I will not trade my cave monthlies with people I see wanting 2oo + for one.

About Nym Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for August 2011.

About the Nym Creature

The Nym, also known as the "Moonlight Wolf", is said to be completely invisible during sunlight hours but visibly bioluminescent during moonlight hours. Their white-purple glow is both hypnotizing and captivating, which is why Nyms are rare and coveted. It is superstitiously believed that Nyms control ocean tides and unleash coastal disasters as an expression of their mood and magical connection with the moon.