Legendary the Nym

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2 Aug 2011
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Essence of Litsdnats
(Stage Frozen)
Name: Legendary
Stage: Child - Frozen
Travel: Sparkling Storm Clouds

CC Critters I am Missing

Abrillion - Egg*, Child, and Teen.
Adarna - Child.
Aguaille - Teen and Last*.
Ahjoon - Egg and Teen.
Alarune - Egg*, Child, and Teen.
Ambrok - Egg and Teen.
Amma - Egg and Last.
Anaria - Egg and Teen.
*Aqueueren - Egg**, Child, and Last*.
Aquolt - Child.
*Ara - Child and Teen*.
****Arnmnae - Egg**, Child*, and Last. [This one is on my main list so I am willing to offer better critters/over offer.]
Arpeggiarp - Child, Teen*, and Last**.
Ashazar - Egg and Child*.
Autuwl - Egg*, Teen, and Last**.
Avem - Egg, Teen, and Last.

Balrogipuwet - Egg* and Teen.
Bellato - Egg, Teen**, and Last.
Berr - Egg and Last*.
Blu - Egg.
Bomnom - Teen.
Bragon - Egg.
Bushay - Egg and Child*.
Buttersloff - Teen and Last.

Canic - Egg.
*Cetopia - Teen and Last*.
Chamillion - Child* and Teen.
Clocat - Egg, Teen**, and Last*.
***Clous - Egg and Last. [This one is on my main list so I am willing to offer better critters.]
Cobrart - Egg**, Child*, and Last.
Copioat - Egg and Child.
*Corlinn - Teen and Last*.
Corsal - Egg***, Teen, and Last*.
Crishorse - Egg and Child.
*Crystar - Egg*** and Teen.

Dabbit - Egg and Last.
Demonette - Last [Might trade 1 of my frozen eggs for any stage unfrozen + 2ooCC]
Dianesia - Egg and Child.
Doovoo - Egg and Last* [NOT trying hard, only on list on the off chance it gets put in the Vend Machine]
*Draqua - Egg** and Last.
Duckbeak - Egg, Teen, and Last.
Dytoroko - Teen.

Effa - Child and Last.
Electrock - Child.
Elkikorn - Egg, Child, and Teen**.
*Encalop - Egg***, Teen*, and Last.
Eroche - Egg and Teen. [Might swap one of my last stage + 2ooCC for one of these. Not sure yet.]

Faymanita - Child and Teen.
Feep - Child**, Teen*, and Last.
Fife - Egg and Teen.
*Flar - Child and Last*.
Flegga - Child.
Flickle - Child and Last.
Flufur - Egg*, Child, and Teen**.
*Flyen - Child and Teen.
Foglin - Child, Teen**, and Last*.
Folaurum - Egg* and Last.
*Frion - Egg***, Teen, and Last.

*Gadfly - Egg and Last*.
Glutearat - Egg and Child.
Goldur - Egg***, Child**, and Last.
Golosina - Egg, Child*, and Teen**.
Gobbler - Egg**, Child, and Last* [NOT trying hard, only on list on the off chance it gets put in the Vend Machine.]
Gorri - Egg* and Teen.
*Greem - Egg and Child**.
Guinstar - Egg** and Last.

Halldrag - Egg.
Hoppit - Child and Teen*.
Hulae - Egg and Child.
Hydrhis - Child**, Teen, and Last* [Have a teen, but I prefer child so would like to swap for a child]

Iccilah - Egg*, Child, and Teen.
*Ignis - Egg, Child*, and Last***.

Kappa - Child**, Teen*, and Last.
Keekee - Last.
Kelpa - Teen.
Kiinirit - Teen [Only swapping my last stage for one, will add to it.]
Kirin - Egg**, Child*, and Teen.
Koalyptus - Egg and Child*.
Koleda - Egg* and Teen.
Kringus - Egg**, Teen*, and Last.

Lal - Child* and Last.
Laniwon - Child* and Last.
Leffer - Child, Teen, and Last*.
Leroon - Egg and Child.
Leynne - Egg*, Teen, and Last.
Lucky - Egg*, Child, and Teen.
Lunantis - Teen.

Macbot - Egg**, Child, and Last. [NOT trying hard, only on list on the off chance it gets put in the Vend Machine]
Melodie - Egg and Teen.
Mimic - Child and Teen*.
Mirdouse - Egg* and Child.
Miros - Egg**, Child*, and Teen.
Mummar - Egg* and Child.

*Narlock - Egg** and Child.

*Olimpt - Teen.
Onabi - Child and Last*.
Onny - Egg and Last* [NOT trying hard, only on list on the off chance it gets put in the Vend Machine]
*Oos - Last.
Ornisment - Teen.
Oscoa - Egg.
Osi - Child and Teen*.
Othgog - Child*, Teen, and Last.

Pandai - Egg, Teen*, and Last.
Parlock - Egg, Child, and Teen.
*Paroxy - Egg**, Child*, and Teen.
Peeturk - Last.
Pendence - Teen.
Piki - Egg, Child, and Last.
Poplin - Egg, Teen, and Last.
Poppy - Egg*, Child, and Last.
Psyfera - Child.
*Pupkin - Egg, Child, and Teen*.

Qor - Egg and Last*.

Raicorn - Egg.
Ranfil - Child*, Teen**, and Last.
Raskoon - Egg and Last.
Rathrop - Teen and Last.
Reep - Child**, Teen, and Last*.
Regga - Last.
Rencup - Last.
Revii - Teen.
*Rhinedorf - Child.
Ribbert - Child**, Teen, and Last*.
*Rie - Egg.
*Riggert - Egg** and Child.

Scarrow - Child, Teen*, and Last**.
Seedart - Egg.
*Seiren - Egg*, Child, and Teen***.
Seralphae - Egg and Child*.
Serpede - Egg*, Child**, and Last.
Shamrue - Egg.
Sharken - Egg*, Child**, and Teen.
Sheap - Egg and Child*.
Sherth - Egg, Child, and Last.
Slysal - Child, Teen*, and Last.
Smorlin - Egg.
Snolo - Last.
Solis - Egg*, Child, and Teen.
Soutenue - Child and Last.
*Spookcat - Child**, Teen, and Last*.
Spunny - Teen.
Squinton - Child**, Teen, and Last.
Strawbearry - Egg, Teen*, and Last.

Tarsier - Child*, Teen, and Last.
Tentropy - Teen.
Terapox - Child and Teen*.
*Tokk - Egg**, Child, and Last*.
Trinoceros - Teen and Last.
*Trisk - Egg and Teen*.
Turtux - Egg**, Teen, and Last*.

Unipeg - Egg*, Child, and Last*.

*Vampyr - Child**, Teen*, and Last.
*Vattone - Egg, Child*, and Teen**.
Vecker - Child and Last.
Vleermus - Teen.
*Volar - Child* or Last. [I have an unfrozen teen, not sure whether to just let it evolve to last or swap for a child cause I like the child a lot more, but then will still need a last stage anyways]

*Wicculin - Egg and Child*.
Wigglet - Egg** and Teen.

Xiang - Child, Teen*, and Last.

*Yuki - Egg.

*Zinzall - Egg and Child*.
Zuria - Egg, Child*, and Teen.

About Nym Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for August 2011.

About the Nym Creature

The Nym, also known as the "Moonlight Wolf", is said to be completely invisible during sunlight hours but visibly bioluminescent during moonlight hours. Their white-purple glow is both hypnotizing and captivating, which is why Nyms are rare and coveted. It is superstitiously believed that Nyms control ocean tides and unleash coastal disasters as an expression of their mood and magical connection with the moon.