Rabid the Garo

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27 Oct 2011
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About Garo Eggs

This egg was only given out for the Halloween Bash of 2011.

This egg is nearly impossible to misplace due to its brightly colored visage!

About the Garo Creature

The Garo is a curious creature that will only eat certain types of Halloween candy. Rather than use their limbs to interact with their surroundings, Garo prefer to use their long, flexible tail to pick up and examine objects. In fact, their primary method of transportation is taking short hops using their small wings. Only when in extreme danger will Garo use their arms and legs to run. Nevertheless, Garo are extremely friendly creatures and are popular among many citizens of Ark due to their amiable personality and lovable appearance. But don't get on their bad side; many have found that a Garo's tail can leave extremely painful welts.