WinterFire the Pyraguin

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25 Sep 2011
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taken from the ac
on November 21 2011
was a @darkskydragon creature

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Winter Fire hatched on
Leap Day - February 29, 2012
Immortal on St. Patrick's Day
Teenager on 28 March 2012
Adulthood on 04 March 2013

About Pyraguin Eggs

This egg is hot!

About the Pyraguin Creature

Pyraguin are very similar to penguins. Funny enough, Pyraguin enjoy sledding on their bellies, but due to their above average body temperature, they leave a trail of melted snow and ice behind them. Naturally, Pyraguin are not favored by humans who enjoy sledding. But regardless, Pyraguin are a fun loving, sociable creature that wouldn't harm anything.