Worldkiller the Flar

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1 Jan 2012
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Neburas Rugon

Beloved of Neva Agenar and ruiner of shirts, Neburas Rugon is of the Ildrei race. His flaming hand is certainly a distinguishing and noteworthy trademark.



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Curious as to how the real Neburas looks?

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About Flar Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for January 2012.

A large, single, concentrated group of Flar eggs can sometimes alter the weather and cause a drought. For this reason, the Science and Research Center only allows 5 Flar eggs to be within a single square mile.

About the Flar Creature

Flares are a fiery dragon fully capable of starting wildfires in the wettest of conditions. Their breath is fire itself, but it's more than that: it's a dry breath that contains "drying enzymes." These enzymes bind to organic material (such as plants and trees) that causes the material to be unable to retain any moisture.

Humans have gotten in terrible accidents with Flares (where the Flar was accidentally antagonized). Humans that have been breathed upon by Flares have been instantly reduced to ash.