Lortab the Orp

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17 Jan 2012
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Gift from my little Brother when he quit

Status:Gift NUFT

Original Name: Garfild

Lortab was one of my brother's favorite treatments when he was in the hospital with a bad case or appendicitis. In fact, he liked it so much he named a stuft animal after it. He named the other Morphine.

About Orp Eggs

This egg was only given out in January of 2012.

The tail of the Orp pokes out of their egg's shell and occasionally gives off sparks. These sparks are known to cause fires and it is recommended that Orp eggs be stored safely in non-flammable areas.

About the Orp Creature

The Orp is the definition of party animal. Orps have the reputation of loving celebrations so much that they never stop dancing. Orp are extremely social creatures, so their owners tend to be wealthy socialites that can provide an extravagant lifestyle to their Orps. Orp ears and tail spark continuously and not only pose a danger to those around them but also create quite a racket. Arkians don't usually own more than one or two Orps due to their high-maintenance lifestyle.