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21 Jan 2012
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Well yes, as you already know, I am quitting. I know this is sad news for most of you, but it was bound to happen one day. I just don't have time for Egg Cave and it's quite boring, to be honest... I was supposed to quit EC many times but the only thing that kept me here were my fabulous friends here. I'm going to 9th grade and I know it's going to be a long year so I don't want to waste my time on EC, so that is why I'm quitting.


About Floicol Eggs

This egg seems to have a flower growing from it... and it smells like honey and lavender!

About the Floicol Creature

Floicol are a special type of small bird that is only seen in Ark during the winter months (Ark is hot year round). It is suspected that Floicol travel north during the summer months to cooler lands but based on the research from the Science and Research Center, no landmasses exist outside of the island of Ark (it is mere sea everywhere). Fairytales suggest that Floicol magically disappear when they are far out in the ocean during their travel north and transport themselves to some unknown landmass. It seems that every year Floicol make their travel north, they always return the following year with an increased population. This has puzzled the Science and Research Center.