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17 Mar 2012
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thank you so much @petpet55 if i ever quit {not gone happen} you get her back

abouth me

im born in 2 july 1992 in amsterdam netherlands

i love animals but rats are my nr 1 pet

i collect dragons{statues/plushies}, pokemon{every thing there is btw i have all 721 pokemons on the game}, owls{statues},rats {statues} and the pets here on egg cave

i hate ppl that hurt animals for there lol

im not someone who loves to be in the middel give me a dark croner and im way more happy

im not someone that talks to others out my self{yes im shy}

friend call me dodo, dare and for rashka ONLY microbe

i play alot of games

my favorite colors are red and black

i love to read manga's from shaman king and naruto

my most pressuse item that i have in my collection is a LE statue of naruto with kyuubi

im not the best with english because i had to lear it my self{no one on my schools learned me it}

im not someone that trust easy

i have a friend that i love and hope to marry someday

o btw i have dyslexia {had to google translate it}

most of the torgers and meekins in @xenni are named after the rats i had

i have 2 cute little rats

i buy my own cc here

want to know more fiel free to ask

About Runton Eggs

This egg was only given out on March 17-20 for St. Patrick's Day of 2012.

About the Runton Creature

Runtons are a very special breed of rodent that patrol the jungle floors of Ark. Runton are marked by their honest behavior; they frequently stand up for other creatures who are being bullied and cannot access common food and water.

Runtons, however, are considered one of the most unlucky creatures. Their fortunes from Ark spirituals are often grim and don't involve happiness.