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29 March 2011
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Welcome to my cove!

Please only feed the lists.

Nothing here is UFT unless it is in TC stating so. That includes any names, both here and on my side accounts.

@sycake - My preciousessss.
@yeepers -Home of 300 Yeeps.
@???- secret side, containing various stuff.

All hail @darexxis's Darkling! My personal item archive.

Proud member of #BOAF club!

Travels I like

I'm always in need of freezes.

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1 week ago

Thanks anyway, I understand!

1 week ago

I'm also interested in the name Binary, might you trade that as well?

1 week ago

Hello! Would you consider trading the name Tigress on one of your sides? I can offer a name swap, or just let me know! Thanks.

1 week ago

Is Hajiluv UFT doll?

2 months ago

Is your othgog uft

2 months ago

Ah. Alright thanks!

3 months ago

would any scorbis be uft? 3

3 months ago

hehehehe, test subjects are being very cooperative as of late.

3 months ago

miss you!

3 months ago

Long time no see! Hope all is well with you.

3 months ago

Ahh lovely, thank you so much haha! ;D And thank you as well for your compliment haha

3 months ago *sorry, i would have pinged you but I was the last to post OTL

3 months ago

Hello!! ^^ I couldn't help but notice your lovely yeep cove ^^ Would you be willing to let me post it where everyone can see it? ;D

3 months ago

lol what xD I wouldn't know actually. I started playing a few years back so I can't remember what it was like back before lvl 30 xD

3 months ago

I think changing servers would mess up mine a little bit. I lag occasionally so I think it would be awful if i were to change

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