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_Fievel the Runton


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Fievel Mousekewitz is a young mouse of Russian-Jewish heritage who was driven from his native home due to antisemitic prejudice. Fievel was brave but perhaps a little foolish, like most young boys - he believed in sticking up for himself and others but didn't always think things through and this could led to trouble as he would often try to take on enemies much larger and stronger than himself. Fievel was also optomistic and rarely gave up hope even under the most extreme of circumstances.

About Runton Eggs

This egg was only given out on March 17-20 for St. Patrick's Day of 2012.

About the Runton Creature

Runtons are a very special breed of rodent that patrol the jungle floors of Ark. Runton are marked by their honest behavior; they frequently stand up for other creatures who are being bullied and cannot access common food and water.

Runtons, however, are considered one of the most unlucky creatures. Their fortunes from Ark spirituals are often grim and don't involve happiness.