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1 Apr 2012
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About Kikker Eggs

A strange, green fog surrounds Kikker eggs that distorts how its edges appear. There appears to be a stone at the center of the egg.

About the Kikker Creature

Jade: serenity and purity

Kikkers live in the jungles of Ark and require year-round humidity to thrive. Many who see a Kikker in person comment on how gracefully and effortlessly it moves, evoking feelings of calmness and peacefulness. To observers, Kikkers represent total acceptance of self.

Kikkers make great pets at home. Arkians can construct the right environments for them inside of aquariums. (Always ensure the humidity is at least 70%!) They don't mind being handled by human beings, either. Some say that just holding one can bring tranquility to the soul.