Tire the Flintar

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22 Jun 2012
11 Jul 2019
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About Flintar Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for June 2012.

Flintar eggs emit a hot flame. What is even more strange is that any person can touch the flame without receiving a burn!

About the Flintar Creature

Virtually every part of a Flintar's body emits a flame of some sort. Thankfully, like the egg stage, the natural flame does not cause burning, nor does it start fires.

However, whenever Flintars become exasperated or very angry, they go into a sort of "overdrive" mode that causes their flames to burn bigger, brighter, and more intensely. The overdrive flames scorch and burn everything they touch with an unbearable heat. So, don't cause a Flintar to be upset, unless you intend on being burned severely. They are quite difficult to calm down as well.