RuinsOfAlph the Cirthark

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19 Dec 2012
14 Oct 2015
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Ruins of Alph: A location in Pokemon that I've always loved and found interesting... until I get annoyed by the constant wild encounters every five steps.

There's some cringeworthy stuff written by thirteen year old me below this if you want to have a laugh.

My owner's Wii gives her good luck!
It was the day I was released, and she was searching through the cave. Suddenly, a STAR Cirthark appeared in front of her! She was so happy. She originally named me StarCrw, as it was CRW, and the Wii didn't allow her to put in StarCRW. Soon after, she renamed me RuinsOfAlph, after the ruins in G/S/C & HG/SS. I evolved at 20/11/13.
Sparklefox feels she is lucky to own me!
I doubt anyone will read this. No one bothers to read these anymore. Oh well. Rawr.

About Cirthark Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in December of 2012.

During the incubation of this egg a series of 30 rune-like symbols appear on the outside of this egg. Ancient Arkians used these symbols as the basis for an early runic alphabet.

About the Cirthark Creature

The last pattern of runes that appear on a Cirthark's egg are the ones that appear on its face. Many believe that these runes form a part of the creature's name and will incorporate them into the name that they give their Cirthark. The Science and Research Center has discovered that this belief isn't far from true. Cirtharks use these facial markings as part of the way they identify each other.