Iwaz the Lovart

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15 Feb 2013
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Thank you @novrain62 , @rashka and @lilminxy_ for helping me obtain this Dreamie


- Ark City Greenhouse
- Ark Lantern Festival
- Autumnal Equinox
- Carnivore Jungle
- Celtic Clover
- Central Mountain View
- Creature Ornament
- Cresting Wave
- Eerie Glow
- Flying Roos
- Golden Savannah
- Grand Cathedral
- Heavenly Light
- Ice Tree With Bows
- Jungle Clearing
- Magical Tidal Pools
- Massive Geyser
- Misty Autumn Waters
- Neatly Lit Candles
- Old Scary Mansion
- Pile of Love Cards
- Pink Picnic
- Pond in Early Blooming
- Pulchritudinous Jungle Sunset
- Rainbow Rock Falls
- Rose Garden
- Santas Sleigh
- Sparkling Storm Clouds
- Spring Equinox
- Squash Party
- St. Patrick's Day Party
- St. Patrick's Day Rainbow
- Starry Night Lights
- Summer Soltice
- Tree of Sparkling
- Water Temple
- Western Rock Reefs
- Winter Soltice
- Witch Stew

About Lovart Eggs

This egg was only given out from February 14-17, 2013.

Legend tells that if you rub the feathers on a Lovart egg, you will find your true love.

About the Lovart Creature

Lovarts are a special kind of bird that only mate with one other. And they stay with their "special other" for the rest of their lives. They never leave each other or move on to another mate.

Lovarts are particularly good at raising their young and even the young of other species. Lovart mothers are fiercely protective of their own but are very kind, trusting, and accepting of other creatures and humans.

In the ancient times of Ark, Lovarts were regarded as the true model for love.