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Creature Suggestions Disclaimer & Policies
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#1 · January 2, 2014 at 4:26 pm
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Newly-released Egg Cave creatures may look similar to some of the suggestions contained in this forum. However, this does not mean that our artists have used your original design to create the creature.

If you are not credited in the Archives entry for a newly-released creature, our artists did NOT use or consult your creature suggestion. Artists are required to inform us when they have used a user suggestion so that we can, of course, give credit where credit is due and give you a free creature. However, any similarity in concept does not allow you to lay claim to a newly-released creature.

We do admit that we're capable of making mistakes. You can always submit a ticket if you believe it's more than coincidence. But it's likely that, if you aren't credited in the Archives at a creature's release it's because we didn't use your suggestion.


Finally, this forum is meant for you to express original ideas that have come from your own mind. Do not submit fan art or creature suggestions that:

1. Are not your own.
2. Are ideas of other Egg Cave players.
3. Are "borrowed" from existing concepts that are not your own.
4. Are based off common web images that you've reproduced (this carries minor originality at best).
5. Violate the intellectual property rights of another.

Egg Cave will not accept creature suggestions that are plagiarized.

Team Egg Cave

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