Forum Rules

Welcome! These Forum Rules have been put in place to ensure that Egg Cave stays safe and enjoyable for everybody.

You're reading the Forum Rules, which are specific to Egg Cave's forums. Please view our Site Guidelines, as they apply everywhere.

The Golden Rule: Respect Others

Respecting people at Egg Cave means being kind and courteous, not harassing them, and keeping your cool in tense situations. The golden rule at Egg Cave is, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Spam Is Not Allowed

Spam (short pointless annoying messages) includes:

  • Posts that do not further the discussion. (Writing "I agree with the person above" doesn't contribute anything to the discussion.)
  • Irrelevant posts that do not further the discussion. Stay on topic!
  • Excessive use of smilies or punctuation.
  • Excessive chat speak — please use proper English for the sake of everyone's sanity!
  • Creating a new topic when a similar, active one already exists.
  • Bumping older, dead topics to the top.
  • Begging for EC, CC, or stats. (See the Site Guidelines for our definition of begging.)
  • Posts that stretch the page (or break the Egg Cave layout).
  • Excessive use of hash tags.
  • "I'm Quitting — will you miss me?" topics. Instead, post on your close friend's walls, update your profile, and say goodbye. These topics tend towards too much drama.

Online Conduct

Posting the following kind of content is prohibited:

  • Spam
  • Personally identifiable information about yourself (such as phone number, home address, or full name)
  • Links to harmful websites (cookie grabbers, trojans, viruses, worms)
  • Links to suggestive, obscene, or pornographic web sites
  • Links to scam web sites
  • Links to chat rooms
  • Any sites that are considered illegal by United States law
  • Posts containing discriminatory, hateful, sexual, profane, or inappropriate comments
  • Swear words (allowed words: gosh, stupid, crap, heck, dang, sucks)
  • Attempting to test or bypass our word filters
  • Any talk that you would never say in front of or to your parents
  • Impersonating an Egg Cave staff member
  • Back seat moderating — use the "Report" button instead
  • Posts discussing moderator actions taken against your account or another player's account
  • Attempting to make contact with players that have blocked you

Roleplaying Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all roleplaying:

  • No suggestive or sexually explicit content.
  • No graphic, violent, or torturous content.
  • Similarly themed roleplays are allowed but exact duplicates are not.
  • Discussion topics for roleplays should discuss roleplay content and characters. These threads should not get off topic and wander to discussing out-of-character things.

Violation of these guidelines may result in warning, suspension, account removal, or permanent ban.

Thank you for reading this page!
These rules ensure that everybody can enjoy Egg Cave.