eCode is special code that you can use on Egg Cave in your posts, on your profile, and many other places.

You Write Actual Output
@Ian @Ian
[t=1]Visit my trade lot #1![/t] Visit my trade lot #1!
[trades=Ian]Click here to view all of Ian's trades![/trades] Click here to view all of Ian's trades!
[a=1]Visit my creature auction #1![/a] Visit my auction #1!
[e=100]Visit my creature[/e] Visit my creature
[url=]Ian's profile![/url] Ian's profile!
* Internal URLs only.
[b]This is a sample text[/b] This is a sample text
[i]This is a sample text[/i] This is a sample text
[u]This is underlined text[/u] This is underlined text
[s]This is strikethrough text[/s] This is strikethrough text
[center]This is centered[/center]
This is centered
[right]This is right-aligned[/right]
This is right-aligned
[color=red]This is colored text[/color]

View acceptable colors list
This is colored text


(This is a horizontal rule.)

Accepted Colors

You can use the color names below with [color=aqua]color[/color] eCode tags.

Aqua Aquamarine Black Blue
BlueViolet Brown BurlyWood CadetBlue
Chartreuse Chocolate Coral CornflowerBlue
Crimson Cyan DarkBlue DarkCyan
DarkGoldenRod DarkGray DarkGreen DarkKhaki
DarkMagenta DarkOliveGreen DarkOrange DarkOrchid
DarkRed DarkSalmon DarkSeaGreen DarkSlateBlue
DarkSlateGray DarkTurquoise DarkViolet DeepPink
DeepSkyBlue DimGray DodgerBlue FireBrick
ForestGreen Fuchsia Gold GoldenRod
Gray Green GreenYellow HotPink
IndianRed Indigo LawnGreen LightBlue
LightCoral LightGray LightGreen LightPink
LightSalmon LightSeaGreen LightSkyBlue LightSlateGray
LightSteelBlue Lime LimeGreen Magenta
Maroon MediumAquaMarine MediumBlue MediumOrchid
MediumPurple MediumSeaGreen MediumSlateBlue MediumSpringGreen
MediumTurquoise MediumVioletRed MidnightBlue Navy
Olive OliveDrab Orange OrangeRed
Orchid PaleGreen PaleTurquoise PaleVioletRed
Peru Pink Plum PowderBlue
Purple RebeccaPurple Red RosyBrown
RoyalBlue SaddleBrown Salmon SandyBrown
SeaGreen Sienna Silver SkyBlue
SlateBlue SlateGray SpringGreen SteelBlue
Tan Teal Thistle Tomato
Turquoise Violet Wheat Yellow