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31 December 2016
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Please feel free to feed my eggs and creatures! I appreciate the kindness, and if you feed all of my eggs, I will go to your profile and feed all of your eggs

Hello! My name is Binakin, but you can call me personally by Cindy, which is my real name. I am 13 years old, and I love animals! Especially the furry types, like kittens or puppies. So I would often try to reach up to the level where the cutest creatures or furriest hatch and evolved. I'm very inquisitive, so I much likely love to solve puzzles and initiate quests. In addition, I like collecting rare items and eggs. My favorite color is magnolia pink, my favorite animal are wolves, and my favorite subject is science. So in total, all you can describe me is just quirky, curious, and just plain nerdy! If you're visiting my page, feel free to feed/click/view my eggs and creatures!
EggCave Goals & Quests:
-Adopt every final evolved form of every creatures (excluding retired, plot & event, and Cash Shop Park).
-Buy or receive a couple of ''Essence of Litsdnats''.
-100 posts
-Go through every event or monthly holidays in EggCave.

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5 months ago

They were just extra gifts or ones you can trade to get better creatures c: Have a great night! Just felt like being nice ♡

5 months ago

Lot #746129 : Just offer a junk egg. You can have these for free ♡♡♡♡

5 months ago

I see you have a Kyootie on your wl, do you want one??♡

5 months ago

Enjoy .

5 months ago

Hi I saw you were seeking a male Eirephant. I have one or two uft if you're interested.

5 months ago

Fed some

5 months ago

Fed all Thanks for feeding mine.

5 months ago

i fed some of your creatures

7 months ago

Fed all ^^

7 months ago

ty for feeding my creatures

7 months ago

Thanks for feeding, fed some back

7 months ago

Okay, thanks for the reply!

7 months ago

The only two creatures I need from the CRW are Zalaeth & Luryuken O.O

8 months ago

Ah thank you and it's alright I'm always glad to feed your pets ^^

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