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6 June 2019
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Welcome, welcome, welcome... to the
°l||l°l||l°l||l° The Creatures Adoption Rescue Enclosure (the CARE)! °l||l°l||l°l||l°
(^ Took me a long time to come up with that one)


Running out of Cove spaces?
Then you've come to the right place. You can send your creatures here either to be put up for adoption, or to be put down.

PM @shadowfaxe
here if you'd like to join c:

T & C:
You can send as many creatures here as you want.
You can only adopt at most 10 creatures per month.
Creatures here that are not adopted for a long period of time will be put down or put in the Auctions (for 1 ec).
You can ask for your creature not to be put down.
Creatures will be put in the auctions center in search of a forever home.
Guardians are tentatively UFT, and for a good price only.
Those in the UFT tab are MY creatures (@shadowfaxe), only UFT and not UFAdoption. The Guardians are only tentatively UFT.
If you've sent a creature here and you want it back, you have to pay the same price as listed above. If it's passed away, but you STILL want it back, you'll have to pay 200CC to resurrect it. If it's been adopted, sorry, we can't help you, but you can check the adoption log (this account only has 1 forum topic) for who has it now, and negotiate with them.
If you've applied to adopt a creature, you have one week's time to accept it. If not, the creature will be placed back into the CARE, and other players will be allowed to adopt it.

If you're here to adopt, prices are as follows:
Commons - 100ec each
Evolved commons - 500ec each
Immortal commons - 1000ec each
Monthlies - 10kec per year + 100ec per month, e.g. December 2017, 20000+1200=21200 ec
Seasonal/yearly - 25kec each (yearly + 20k each year)
CRW - 200k each + 50k each year

Donations are welcome! They will be put to good use - to feed creatures using Tim's Food Shoppe, and to bid for poor creatures in the Auctions in search of a new home (that no one's interested in).

People who've donated creatures (who aren't staff):

People who've donated EC (who aren't staff):

Accounts: All coves are feed-friendly ◠◡◠
@bloop <- You are here ☺
@shadowfaxe - main ★
@wonglikiu821 - my old main ★ Protected by a ✨Leaf of Vaka✨

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chaotictreat • 1 week ago

I'm confused... how come when I auctioned those marlays you were the only bidder but now that you're auctioning them there's two people who actually want them all of a sudden?

ferdinand1975 • 6 Oct 2019, 9:49 PM

Fed all your lovely eggs. Thanks for friend add

bloop • 6 Jun 2019, 10:08 AM

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Bob beats away all comments above this line^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
(ง'̀-'́)ง _______________________________________________________________________