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27 June 2016
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Hello! im still kinda new to this Game
i always search for Friends
i like to talk becouse i often get bored ^^

im not very active becouse i have no one to talk to.
Please Feed all my Pets! that would be awesome!

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5 months ago

Alright, thanks for the reply!

6 months ago

Fed 25

6 months ago

fed 50 of yours. happy feeding day x

6 months ago

Hey, is your Nunny or Mournstrom UFT?

6 months ago

That's absolutely fine

10 months ago

Hi, fed first 40

10 months ago

I could trade a Peeyu, Diablos, Quinnit, Evolved Mo for the Yewefoh and Paretosite ;3

10 months ago

Hello Is your Yewefoh UFT?

10 months ago

sry u didn't respond??? .o.

10 months ago

Hiya, might you have any other items from the asteroid plot UFT? or points?

11 months ago

You're welcome! I'll come back tomorrow to feed them again

11 months ago

You are very welcome! And welcome back, hope you had some nice holidays

11 months ago

Fed all

11 months ago

Fed all your cove =)

11 months ago

Hello! Just wondering if your Leep is for trade? c:

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