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Give Choclate, GET Choclate

27 June 2016
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Hello! im still kinda new to this Game
i always search for Friends
i like to talk becouse i often get bored ^^

im not very active becouse i have no one to talk to.
Please Feed all my Pets! that would be awesome!

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2 months ago

Alright, thanks for the reply!

3 months ago

Fed 25

3 months ago

fed 50 of yours. happy feeding day x

3 months ago

Hey, is your Nunny or Mournstrom UFT?

3 months ago

That's absolutely fine

7 months ago

Hi, fed first 40

7 months ago

I could trade a Peeyu, Diablos, Quinnit, Evolved Mo for the Yewefoh and Paretosite ;3

7 months ago

Hello Is your Yewefoh UFT?

7 months ago

sry u didn't respond??? .o.

8 months ago

Hiya, might you have any other items from the asteroid plot UFT? or points?

8 months ago

You're welcome! I'll come back tomorrow to feed them again

8 months ago

You are very welcome! And welcome back, hope you had some nice holidays

9 months ago

Fed all

9 months ago

Fed all your cove =)

9 months ago

Hello! Just wondering if your Leep is for trade? c:

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