I totally lied to myself about that "no new eggs" thing. Happy Lunar New Year! 26 Jan 2020, 12:03 AM

4 November 2019
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Not completely anti-social, I swear (94% tho). Am open to random friend requests.

Cove is feed friendly, and I'm pretty good about paying attention to feedbacks.

Most eggs and creatures are not UFT. I don't mind folks asking, but if I don't answer -- that's why.

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lonewolf • 19 hours ago

Not anymore- thanks though! But do you have Sparkling Wrapped Candy or Chocolate Ribbon Heart Pop?

lonewolf • 20 hours ago

Chocolate Cherry Cookie or Red Daffodil Cake Pop? I'm like 5 away

lonewolf • 22 hours ago

No problem! Dark Rainy Day Book? o:

lonewolf • 23 hours ago

Slice of Coffee Cake?

lonewolf • 1 day ago

Do you have Grape Fish Cracker or Icy Lake?

wizard • 1 day ago

Hello! Just wanted to say thanks, because your shop has helped me a lot with quests!

lonewolf • 1 day ago

How to Train Your Gode or Magarel Desert?

wizard • 2 days ago

Beautiful cove!

bockbock • 2 days ago

Hello Happy Lunar New Years!
Do you perhaps have a Lemon Doughnut UFT?

bockbock • 3 days ago

Hello Are you still actively doing quests?

lonewolf • 4 days ago

Hi, do you have a Slice of Coffee Cake?

lexicon • 1 week ago

Fed all

lonewolf • 1 week ago

Hi, do you have a Gumball Bookmark? I need 2 more tokens!

thedarkarcher • 1 week ago

Fed all hope you have a great day

papertricycle • 1 week ago

fed all! B)

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