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I'm Darcy! I don't want to properly update this yet, so XD I'll just tell the important things

Name: Darcy
Age: 18
Here for 8 years OwO
Likes? Drawing, videos, music
Websites? Windylives (YouTube), Crisskitty(DeviantART)
Side Accounts:
@darcy_vasquez - main account
@saving-eggs - trading account, NFT at the moment

Have a nice day!!

Cove worth (aprox.): 295600cc OMG

Creatures (206)


stevepat2002 • 1 minute ago

Wow, I didn’t notice this was a side. Wow

stevepat2002 • 15 minutes ago

Tolerable atm, you?

stevepat2002 • 39 minutes ago

ASCII is what it’s called XD. I was somewhat close

stevepat2002 • 39 minutes ago

Thx, I found it on a text art site. Like the AC12 or whatever.

stevepat2002 • 45 minutes ago

Good, you? Lovely cove btw

stevepat2002 • 58 minutes ago

Hi .

wild_wonders • 27 Feb 2019, 4:58 PM

lol ok, just wanted to check.

wild_wonders • 27 Feb 2019, 2:23 AM

no i meant could you swap some pets in the lot for other pets that you have such as those i listed...

comic • 26 Feb 2019, 7:55 PM

Alright, thanks anyways! If you ever put your pixgog UFT solo, let me know! c: I hope you get the offer you're looking for!

wild_wonders • 26 Feb 2019, 1:19 AM

ok, i'd have to think about it too~ any chance you'd swap out the sikeree, flowerfur, rousel and spritemice for a yuki, kringus, eurog, nym, flintar, unipeg, iccilah, flufur, clocat, guinstar, snolo, berr, adarna, draqua, bellato or olimpt?

smithbob6 • 25 Feb 2019, 5:44 PM

Oh no I didnt mean to give the impression that I was mad I just wanted those creatures and I dont have much more to offer but I do wish you the best luck in trading

mami • 25 Feb 2019, 5:25 PM

Ill offer literally any combination of creatures @dreamy for your tc lot. xP

smithbob6 • 23 Feb 2019, 8:45 PM

That's my last offer if it doesn't work out thanks anyway and good luck

wild_wonders • 19 Feb 2019, 1:47 AM

my offer on your lot is a flofbite, zinzall, narlock, hallowolf, sheap, arpeggiarp.
alternatively, i would consider doing my gobbler for all of them.
I would offer on the lot like you said but there are a few names i would like to keep. Sorry to bother you!

yts • 18 Jan 2019, 8:30 AM

hellow is your avem UFT by any chance?

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