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28 November 2012
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leave a message on my wall and I'll try getting back to ya

if we trade please know I have a policy, trade back the creature to me if no longer wanted or if not being cared for thanks

only thing on my wishlist is a macaw tbh
but I love love LOVE dragons so hmu with those

contacts in case I'm gone awhile
da: eternity-the-star
insta: eternity_the_star OR eternity_is_weeping
tumblr: eternal-star
skype: eternity-the-nerd
kik: eternalstarfh

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5 months ago

fed all!

6 months ago

waaa thanks again! ♥♥ I love terrons huhu ♥

6 months ago

aaa thank you so so much! ♥♥♥

6 months ago

Would an Erduri do? :')) Glad to see you back! I hope you stay longer this time

6 months ago

I can add to my offer if you'd want btw?

6 months ago

I can offer a 1st stage Kyootie, a mo egg, a quadwing egg, and a star mekii? Btw, are you a returning user? :0

6 months ago

Hi! Might your Terron and Pebblove be UFT? @-@ Sorry to bother aaaa

6 months ago

fed feeds

6 months ago

fed ^^

6 months ago

fed all! If you want to make all your eggs immortal so they don't die I would suggest going to @carter to immortalize them!