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Hello! Welcome to my cove!
NEW SIDE! @huzzah, you can feed the mortals there if you wish.
Feeding the Feed List is greatly appreciated, and I'll try to feed back if you post!
My feed list (so far): @icecream @thanksgivingtofurkey @rainymcwarm

Come on here occasionally. Last seen on: June 17.

Here's my Wishlist! #GetRich #LinkedWords

26,405 EC Thief Shop Egg- Fake September 24, 2018 1:49 AM

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meekly • 5 days ago

Hello, could I swap my Rotehar with yours? It’s exactly the date I want it to be and gender. June 4th is my birthday.

thedarkarcher • 6 days ago

Thanks so much i fed your list in return (wasnt sure if feeding all is okay)

rashka • 1 week ago

hi! would you like to get a unicorn in neopet?? i wanted to see something and had to create an account and i'm waiting to get the pet as i don't want to keep the account and i want to give it to someone! i could create you a red, yellow, blue or green uni (which is an alicorne)

rainymcwarm • 30 Sep 2018, 5:59 PM

Fed Feed List

sundae • 25 Jun 2018, 1:46 PM

Fed all

kitty999 • 20 Jun 2018, 1:23 AM

Yes, i have. 850cc or creatures.

mooncloudcat • 18 Jun 2018, 10:01 PM

Here’s the trade; Trade #902360

icecream • 17 Jun 2018, 5:13 PM


mooncloudcat • 17 Jun 2018, 3:38 PM

Sure! Sorry about the wait... Could you do 50K?

yts • 13 Jun 2018, 4:00 PM

Hellow I'm sorry for the noise, would you consider to trade your wicculin by any chance?

mooncloudcat • 22 May 2018, 3:01 PM

No problemo, enjoy your new Gilyon.

mooncloudcat • 15 May 2018, 3:52 PM

Yuppers! Here’s the lot;

rainymcwarm • 12 Apr 2018, 12:35 PM

Thank you. Fed All

icecream • 19 Jan 2018, 9:45 PM

idk what happened to the EOTYC

blub • 17 Jan 2018, 1:36 PM

Thank you! Fed all back

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