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Nunny fanart is finally out! Check out the link in my bio :3

15 February 2017
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Hello! I'm ellasparkle, but you can just call me ella ^^ I love anime, manga, and drawing! My favourite creature is a nunny, I don't know why though... If you have one and are willing to trade it for 500,000 EC or more, I will accept! Just let me know!

Here's my wish list, a reminder to myself ^^ The creatures are super cute! (In my opinion at least) It'll probably just grow longer and nothing's gonna be checked off... ( lol a lot of stuff got checked off) Oh well! Here we go!

( ) Corunis
( ) Candit
( ) Aurelian
( ) Meganox
( ) Peeyu
( ) Tidnab

(X) Nunny < AFHASJHFASJA TYSM @dragonii
(X) Yewefoh < I'm at a loss for words. Tysm. @ami_utsukushii
(X) Qaramat <THANK YOU!!! @lynncrow <amazing person peeps
(X) Fairtop < ;3; THANK YOU @cho
(X) Luminese < AHHH!!! This just made my day ^^ TYSM @coldrain
(X) Snowby < @ami_utsukushii GO SPAM HER WITH FEEDS PPL
(X) Chinchilly < @nighassassin88 an amazing friend ^^
(X) Vanman < Thank you @nightassassin lol I keep on overpaying ya XD
(X) Tamsi < @monterprincess3 TYSM!!!!
(X) Punbundu < Thank you @amulet I promise I'll take care of him ^^

Item collection:


Also I'm trying to feed @dusskfall, @nightassassin88, and @gellyjones everyday Also @ami_utsukushii if I have time ^^ She's super nice XD

What I want to draw! Some of these are off my wishlist, but I took them off 'cause I'm probably not going to get them :') I still want to draw them though! (Notice the actual people at the bottom XD)

( ) Rousel
( ) Fourbon
( ) Hinonia
( ) Aurelian
( ) Trisk
(X) Nunny < http://eggcave.com/forums/topic/64762/0#1456283
( ) @nightassassin88
( ) @gellyjones
( ) @ami_utsukushii
( ) @Silentshadow

(\ _ /)
(O.o )
This is Bunny. Copy Bunny into your profile to help him on his way to world domination

( - .-)
This is Chill Bunny. Copy Chill Bunny into your profile to help him meet people that understand him

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21 hours ago

in the sell tab @beyond / anything in my lots (excluding the Vattone)?

21 hours ago

Hi, any chance your Earthas, Spoto, or Cotoflys are UFT? o: I could offer a Candit, Meganox, and Peeyu from your WL, or anything -

21 hours ago

Awesome Just let me know

21 hours ago

~ Nunnies feel very happy seeing the comments down below ^^ There are also reminders for they are forgetful ~

21 hours ago

If you ever get 200cc I have a Peeyu I can ressurect that you can have

1 day ago

np. saw it and thought of you

2 days ago

XD I just want a earth fox-cat. XD XD

2 days ago

you can do a manga if you want !! i'm always looking for more to read! and for a film you could do an anime film if you wish

2 days ago

Happy Earth Day!

3 days ago

I could take an amount below 450k. How about 325k?

5 days ago

Heard you like bunnies. (Read your bio, lol) Sent you something!

5 days ago

Hey, hope you enjoy this gift, since you like nunnys so much!

6 days ago

Heart I think is < 3 without the spaces. And EC and CC are : ec : and : cc : . As in:

1 week ago

ahh you can have it for free !! i honestly don't really mind, save your ec

1 week ago

More Nunnys. oh no..

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