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Hey, this account is now managed by @nightassassin88 - I NO LONGER LOG ON


Hello! I'm ellasparkle, but you can just call me ella ^^ I love anime, manga, and drawing! My favourite creature is a nunny, I don't know why though... If you have one and are willing to trade it for 500,000 EC or more, I will accept! Just let me know!

Here's my wish list, a reminder to myself ^^ ! It'll probably just grow longer and nothing's gonna be checked off... (lol a lot of stuff got checked off) Oh well! Here we go!

( ) Corunis
( ) Aurelian
( ) Peeyu
( ) Motjaa
( ) Unhemn
( ) Tawny
( ) Tidnab (or any thief shop creature really)

(X) Nunny < AFHASJHFASJA TYSM @dragonii
(X) Yewefoh < I'm at a loss for words. Tysm. @ami_utsukushii
(X) Qaramat <THANK YOU!!! @lynncrow <amazing person peeps
(X) Vaccin < Thank you who ever gave me this!!! I forgot already.. BUT THANK YOU!!!!
(X) Fairtop < ;3; THANK YOU @cho
(X) Luminese < AHHH!!! This just made my day ^^ TYSM @coldrain
(X) Snowby < @ami_utsukushii GO SPAM HER WITH FEEDS PPL
(X) Chinchilly < @nighassassin88 an amazing friend ^^
(X) Vanman < Thank you @nightassassin lol I keep on overpaying ya XD
(X) Tamsi < @monterprincess3 TYSM!!!!
(X) Punbundu < Thank you @amulet I promise I'll take care of him ^^
(X) Hinonia < @black_333 I honestly never thought that I would get this, tysm.

Item collection:


What I want to draw! Some of these are off my wishlist, but I took them off 'cause I'm probably not going to get them :') I still want to draw them though! (Notice the actual people at the bottom XD)

( ) Rousel
( ) Fourbon
( ) Hinonia
( ) Aurelian
( ) Trisk
(X) Nunny < http://eggcave.com/forums/topic/64762/0#1456283
( ) @nightassassin88
( ) @gellyjones
( ) @ami_utsukushii
( ) @Silentshadow


1) Feed all my creatures
2) Feed all the creatures that belong to @dusskfall
3) Feed @nightassassin88 (feed list only now)
4) Visit the bakery and see if they have any items I don't have
5) Visit the cave if I have not obtained one of each monthly
6) Stalk the bakery
7) Deposit all of the EC earned

(\ _ /)
(O.o )
This is Bunny. Copy Bunny into your profile to help him on his way to world domination

( - .-)
This is Chill Bunny. Copy Chill Bunny into your profile to help him meet people that understand him

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6 months ago

if you don't want your creatures give them to the @freegiveawaygroup it gives creatures away to newbies

7 months ago

When to trade names? Also... my google hangouts doesn't work.

7 months ago

Thank you. I will take care of them.

7 months ago

Hello, I see my lot. Thank you, friend. Also, what would you like for your Coinster, Grisal, Chinchilly, and Meriton. I luv them.

7 months ago

If I'm interested in anything, I can't say. I'd probably give them to @nightassassin88 as I'm on hiatus myself! XD

7 months ago

(0-0)/ Waves hello after a LONG time. It's sad that you're quitting. Well. See you around Christmas! I'll see if I can get you a Nunny!

7 months ago

Oh. Yup. I'm going soon.

7 months ago

I just realized. What happened to your candit?

7 months ago

Fennel? I had potatoes, carrots, chicken, and rice.

7 months ago

Ah. I just finished lunch too.

7 months ago


7 months ago

Wow.... I sound like a stalker.

7 months ago

Wow.... I sound like a stalker.

7 months ago

I saw you walking home...

7 months ago

Hi! What for your Meriton?

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