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russell // they/them or he/him // born 3.29.97 // taken
i'm a nonbinary lesbian with a BFA in creative writing! i also love to draw, and i compose music from time to time as well.
i'm a longtime fan of adoptable pet sites, and i'm relatively new to egg cave. i came here from chicken smoothie, where i'm at the same username. it's so nice to meet you all!
my cove is 100% feed-friendly! it is also sustained by a leaf of vaka.
for the most part, none of the creatures in this cove are UFT unless you're offering something from my wishlist. my side account for UFT creatures is @russellseager
(both of my usernames are references to the game END ROLL)

here is a list of my absolute favorite pets on the site that i have yet to obtain! if you have any of these for trade (aside from the VEND creatures), please don't hesitate to let me know!
aerlo ~ amorym ~ aqueueren ~ clovotl ~ dalahart ~ eroche ~ finti ~ garo ~ giramint ~ golosina ~ grandinum ~ holze ~ illumilux ~ manekii ~ meganox ~ mishqen ~ naleli ~ roza ~ rubedopus ~ xai ~ xemme

if you're not looking for EC or CC, i can even take an art request in exchange for one of these: just send me a message and i'll show you some examples of my work.
i also have a lot of other pets i want, but that wishlist is VERY long ^^;;

i try to click back whenever i can, but i will miss things now and again, so i do apologize for that.
i'm happy to chat with you if you want to talk, though as a warning, i tend to be pretty low-energy and i might take some time to respond.
thanks for stopping by!

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kitsune37 • 6 days ago

🌸 fed your cuties 🌸 Have a great weekend! 🌸

taunter • 1 week ago

300cc for the Hycinda?

kataclysm • 1 Apr 2024, 4:27 PM

awesome, enjoy!

kataclysm • 1 Apr 2024, 4:12 PM

Thanks for letting me know. However, someone else offered double so I had to accept that. I have another up for trade, if that price range is suitable for ya. I'd also be happy to accept cc/a wishlist pet of similar value. 👍🏻

gabbyana • 26 Mar 2024, 6:24 PM

fed all!

mr-blue-bones • 14 Mar 2024, 12:37 AM

Thanks for letting me know, I accepted 😊

twinkle • 10 Mar 2024, 3:50 AM

Hi!! I'm selling each for 200CC 😊

minnie298a • 6 Mar 2024, 10:55 PM

No need for anything in return, Enjoy.

provo7demons • 29 Feb 2024, 10:15 PM

They are! I had to name a chocopan after him 😃

silvia • 25 Feb 2024, 4:10 PM

Fed all, have a good day. ✨

opalquinze • 11 Feb 2024, 10:51 PM

fed all here! happy double feed day!

heatherm19 • 3 Feb 2024, 1:58 AM

Fed all! Hope you are doing well. 😊

dragrawr • 2 Feb 2024, 4:39 PM

3: thats the sweetest. Thank you so mcuh ;w; ❤️ the compliments I get really keep me wanting to submit to eggcave, so thank you TwT

silvia • 2 Feb 2024, 4:27 PM

Thank you so much for the compliment. >//////<

dragiigy • 29 Jan 2024, 1:18 PM

Thanks to you as well 🙂

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